Merry Forester Series 2018

Merry Forester Series will be played as a 2 one-day PDGA Tier C events played at the Drava Forester disc golf course in Varaždin. Each event will be played in FPO and MPO divisions in two 14-hole rounds. The layout will be the same for both events. 

Events will be played on:
December 8, Saturday - Merry Forester Day 1
December 22, Saturday - Merry Forester Day 2

All throws (made by players who will play in both events) will be summed up for a player's final score and ranking, so basically it will be like playing a 4-round tournament on 2 different days. Players can join also just for a single event.

There will be a small winner's ceremony for each event.

Players can also join just a single (or two) events but in that case they will not be included in Series overall ranking.

Tournament fee is 100 kn / ~14€. Tournament fee should be paid during the tournament.
No food is included in the fee.

Course map is available for download at the left side of this page (updated on 7.12. at 17:30).

December 8th, tournament schedule
   Starting from 9:00 - meet up by the Arena Varaždin
   9:30 - players meeting
   9:50 - 1st round, 14 holes
   12:00 - lunch
   13:15 - players meeting
   13:30 - 2nd round, 13 holes
   - winners ceremony (planned for 15:30-16)

On request we can organize accommodation for players in hotel Turist or private apartments.

To join this events please opet the registration pages:
  Merry Forester Day 1
  Merry Forester Day 2

Players list and scores are available at the PDGA website - Day 1.
Players list and scores are available at the PDGA website - Day 2.