There is only 105 spots available for the tournament and since of 2017 it is invite only event. We want to keep the "family together" and invitations are sent out first to those players who have attended Drava Forester in the past and to those who have been socializing and making new friends at the side events.

There will be some exceptions and those will be primary made for players who did play Drava Forester just once but have been contributing to the spirit of the Drava Forester by taking part in the side events, group dinner, parties etc. In addition to that, exception will also be made for a few players that did not play Drava Forester before but were around for some of our other events like 9-day Stray Disc Tour and who helped us to grow the disc golf in Croatia, or did assure us that they are party animals we really need at our event (and are ready to join in on Wednesday Oct 31, and to stay until Monday Nov 5).

Having in mind that tournament field just can’t be bigger than 105 players, and that 236 different players competed at least once at Drava Forester, there will be some names who did play it once or twice and did not get the invitation. All of those players are welcome to be a part of the event and join the recreational, but still fun, Beer Forester. For info on that open the Beer Forester info page.
Players who did not play Drava Forester or Lagoda events before, but would want to be a part of the event, can sign up and will be placed on the Waiting list. When signing up those players should explain why we should give them an invitation and we will consider it. A bigger chance to get it will be for players who would arrive from distant areas of Europe or the World and who would arrive early and stay in Varaždin for 5 or more days.

Tournament fee is 670 kn (90€) and includes the following:
    - organization of the event
   - tournament souvenir for players
   - transfers from hotel to the course and back
   - lunch at the course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
   - Wednesday dinner and Halloween party make up
   - Welcome dinner on Thursday
   - Team building games on Thursday
   - Friday dinner in the Bedem restaurant, disc golf games, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine
   - Disc golf trivia game and evening entertainment on Saturday
   - entrance to the Putting and ParkIt! contests

To join 7th Drava Forester open the registration page.

Drava Forester will, the same as in the past years, be played in two divisions open for both amateur and pro players – MPO and FPO. Final round will be played by top 5 FPO and MPO players on 6 special holes designed in front of Arena Varaždin.

The list of the tournament players will be updated at the PDGA event page.

Official accommodation for all players is in the Turist Hotel where also DraFo Headquartes will be located and where we will spend most of the of-course time for socializing and side events. Hotel booking will be done by the tournament organizer (Lagoda Disc Golf), and all players will be contacted on it by e-mail after their registration is confirmed.