The tournament field is limited to 105, meaning that Drava Forester 2019 will be played in a maximum of 21 groups of 5 players.

Final Phase
As of October 8th you can register for just a basic tournament fee set at 200,00 kn / 27 € what includes only production of the event and smalltournament souvenir. Anyone who registers will be contacted via e-mail with the options to book any additional side events and services. All players that register as of now will be contacted via e-mail regarding the hotel booking but can book any other accommodation of their choice. Staying at the Turist hotel is not mandatory for players registered in the Final phase.

Phase 2 - over
As of September 5th you can register for a 3-day package starting of Thursday dinner, and until Sunday afternoon. The fee for this is set to 712,50 kn / 96 € and it includes welcome dinner on Thusrday, souvenir, halloween party, Friday dinner at Bedem Restaurant, three lunches at the course, event and side events organization (more hired staff compared to previous years).
All players that register as of now will be contacted via e-mail regarding the hotel booking.

For the 2019 tournament, registrations are open to all players (also to those who have not played Drava Forester), but during the 1st round exclusively in a five-dayfull-time program.
Those players who do not get a spot in the main event, or cannot participate in a five-day program, can participate in the recreational two-day Beer Forester tournament with up to 45 players. For information about participation, please visit the Beer Forester info page (coming soon).

The entry fee for the tournament in 2019 is 2,153 kn (~ 290 €) and includes accommodation at the hotel and almost all meals and contents of the tournament starting with the Wednesday 30 October dinner and ending with breakfast on Monday November 4.

The fee includes:
  - 5 overnights in Hotel Turist in 1/2 rooms (extra charged for the superior rooms and accommodation in 1/1)
  - the costs of organizing the tournament
  - souvenir for players
  - transfers from the hotel to the course and back on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  - lunches at the course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  - dinner on Wednesday
  - Team building program on Wednesday
  - a welcome cocktail on Thursday, Halloween makeup and basic masking equipment
  - a group dinner at the Bedem Restaurant, disc golf games, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine on Friday
  - entertainment program on Saturday night
  - entertainment program on Sunday night
  - Participation in all competitions (putting contest, park it! contest, king of the table tournament etc.)

Registration does not include:
   - Lunch on Thursday
   - Dinner on Saturday

Extra charged:
  - accommodation in superior room 1/2, 5 nights - 250 kn (~ 34 €) per person
  - accommodation in standard 1/1 room, 5 nights - 275 kn (~ 37 €) per person
  - accommodation in a superior 1/1 room, 5 nights - 500 kn (~ 67 €) per person

   - accommodation in room 1/3, 5 nights - 75 kn (~ 10 €) per person

The tournament will, as for all past years, be played in two categories open to amateur and pro players - Open Men and Open Women. The final round will be played by the best 5 MPO and FPO players on 6 special holes designed in front of the Arena Varaždin.

To sign up for the tournament, open the registration page.
The minimal PDGA rating to sign up for Drava Forester event is 700, for both male and female players. This is introduced due to the fact that it is a long 21-hole course and played in groups of five so we need to make sure to keep the speed of play at a reasonable level.
Any player with a PDGA rating below 700 can join the recreational Beer Forester tournament. In addition to this, player with rating below 700 can sign up, but in case that their rating on October 1st is still below 700 will be moved to Beer Forester tournament.
Players who do not have a PDGA rating can still sign up but only if they have skills that match 700 or better rated disc golf what can be proven by the ratings and ranking of the past PDGA events.

The player list will be updated to the PDGA tournament page.

The accommodation booking will be carried out by the organizer (Lagoda Disc Golf), and all players will be contacted by e-mail after the application and asked for details about the accommodation.