The 2023 course layout will be similar to the one played in 2022, but with a few new holes played at the Euro Tour Pro Forester 2023 tournament. You can download the provisional map in a PDF file on this page.

The course will consist of 21 hole and will combine open space along the Drava River and forest areas. All tees will have the artificial grass tee pad, and the baskets we will use will be the new Disc Golf Park baskets (with a deeper cage).
In the 2022 competition, the round of play lasted in the first round (when all players are mixed) around 4:00 to 4:30 hours, and in the second round when the groups were formed according to the results, around 3:45 to 4:15 hours.

To see the area where the court will be arranged, and some of the holes that will be played this year as well, you can watch videos of larger events that were played on this course in the past years:

Terry Miller the Disc Golf Guy Round 3 coverage for the Drava Forester 2019 - first part and second part featuring Philo Brathwaite • Martin Doerken • Ari Penttala • Rumble • Tomi Gorički


Another video showing the area where the tournament is played is produced by MDG Media while filming EuroTour event Pro Forester in March 2022. There is coverage for MPO and FPO for all three rounds of the event at their YouTube channel.