The company Lagoda j.d.o.o. was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing disc golf in Croatia and related forms of tourism, for which it received the support of the Ministry of Tourism in 2013 in the competition for "Innovative Tourism".

The founders of the company, siblings Maja and Dinko Šimenc, have been actively involved in sports since 2011 and have extensive experience of participating in international tournaments and personal contacts with players from all over the World.

The company manufactures and sells all the equipment needed to design and equipp disc golf courses or for organizing of disc golf tourist, sports and recreational events. The opening of a web shop through which discs and other equipment from the world's elite manufacturers will be available to players is also in the works.

Lagoda Disc Golf has so far, in cooperation with its sister company and tourist agency DMK Vall 042, it has organized over 80 international disc golf tournaments with over 1.000 players from more than 35 countries participated. In addition to international tournaments, we also organized six Croatian national disc golf championships.

The first international disc golf tournament in Croatia named Drava Forester was held in November 2012 with the participation of 28 players from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Norway. The very next year, the tournament was held under the license of the World Disc Golf Association PDGA, and the number of participants almost doubled. Players from Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland were just some of the 50 participants from a total of 12 countries. At the eighth tournament, held from 30.10. until 4.11. In 2019, 85 male and female players from 14 countries participated, with around 300 overnight stays in hotels and private accommodation making this an important tourist event in the city.
To run the event a temporary course was designed and set up next to the Varaždin sports hall "Arena", which encompassed the embankment of the Drava River and the nearby park forest. In past years, some of the best players in the world have participated in this tournament, such as Simon Lizotte, Philo Brathwaite and Jon Baldwin.

The crown of the company's work so far is the organization of important international competitions:
2017 Central-European Disc Golf Championships, Toplice Sveti Martin
2018 12th European Disc Golf Championships, Toplice Sveti Martin
2021 1st WFDF European Team Disc Golf Championship, Varaždin
2022 EuroTour Pro Forester, Varaždin
2022 4th WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championship, Varaždin

Lagoda Disc Golf, after setting up each course it designs, actively participates in its use by organizing education and training for interested citizens and tourists, launching and coordinating local and regional leagues and domestic and international tournaments.
Also, the company encourages the establishment of local disc golf clubs and provides them with all kinds of support during registration, initial operation, development and design of various disc golf content with the aim of growing the club members base and actively involving the widest possible circle of local residents in the sport.

Lagoda Disc Golf  crew is:
Dinko Šimenc  - co-owner, company director, tournament director's duties, organization of accommodation, course preparation, side events...
Maja Šimenc - co-owner, organization and event production, meals, photography
Tina Šimenc - event production
Adrian Liber - course preparation, event production
Martina Cikač  - event production

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