Lagoda team game

Traditionally, the team disc golf competition "Lagoda team game" is played as part of Drava Forester.

Teams of 3 members participate in this competition, and special rules apply to the game.

The team game can also be played by players from the Beer Forester tournament and other people, regardless of whether they participate in the entire Drava Forester tournament.

For the year 2022, the team game will be played on 9 holes, with the rule that each team member must perform tee shot on 3 holes. The choice of which player takes tee shot on which hole is entirely at the discretion of the team members.

After the tee shot, the rest of the team members continue the game, until, eventually, everyone makes one throw. After that, any member of the team can perform their second throw, and then, if the game continues, the other members of the team also perform their second throw, and if everyone performs two throws, and the game continues, it moves to the third round throws etc.

The results for the Team game are written in the Disc golf Metrix, which we will set up at a later date.

Teams register in the tournament center during the tournament or by e-mail to the Tournament Director.