Varaždin is located in the northern part of Croatia, and is distanced 90 kilometers from Zagreb. Participants can arrive to the tournament by private or public transport. Varaždin is well connected by bus and train lines, and all participants will be provided with local transportation during the event - shuttles from the hotel to the course and back, several times a day.

Flying in is possible to Zagreb airport, from which we will organize transport to Varaždin, and return back to the airport. One way shuttle from Zagreb Airport to Varaždin is charged around 150kn / ~20€ per person but it depends on the vehicle (car, van, mini bus) and the number of persons joining in for a ride. A ride for a single person (if you arrive at some weird time when noone else is arriving) might cost up to 80€.
If it turns out that you'd need to be alone on a shuttle, you can consider to arrive by public transport. Info on that (written by Australian players who was joining an event in Varazdin) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Other nearby airports that we could arrange transfer from are Maribor (1:00 hour by car to Varaždin, very few flights), Graz (2:00, very few flights), Ljubljana (2:30), Rijeka (2:30), Budapest (3:30), Vienna (3:30). Transfer prices will be determined for each airport separately, upon request.

GPS Navigation info:
Drava Forester course is at the adress:
Gradska sportska dvorana Varazdin
Setaliste Franje Tudmana 1, Varazdin
GPS: 46.317467, 16.359210 - parking, Tornament center
GPS: 46.312258, 16.370797 - Tee 1

Park Boutique Hotel
Juraja Habdelića 6, Varazdin
tel. +385 42 420300

Maltar Pansion
Franca Prešerna 1, Varaždin
tel. +385 42 311100

How to reach Varazdin by public transport from Zagreb Airport
Written by Chris Finn in August 2022
- When you arrive to Zagreb airport you go directly out the front and turn right towards the buses. The biggest bus should be heading to the bus Central depot just ask the bus driver if you’re not sure. It will cost 45 HRK (6 €) and it will tak for around 20 minutes.
Once you arrive at the bus Centro depot you will need to go upstairs and look for the main ticket counter. Ask them for a ticket to Varazdin. The bus should leave from terminal 604. Including check in luggage your ticket will cost around 100 HRK (14 €).
The bus is by far the easiest way to get from Zagreb airport to Zagreb town (20 minute ride) and then to Varazdin (1hr 20-40 minute ride).
Once you arrive in Varazdin then it’s up to you if you want to walk or grab a local Taxi for around 30 HRK (4 €).