Drava Forester organized by Lagoda j.d.o.o. company that was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing a disc golfsport and related forms of tourism.

The founders of the company, siblings Dinko Šimenc and Maja Šimenc are actively engaged in sport since 2011 and have rich experience of participation in international tournaments and contacts with players from all over the World.

The company manufactures and sells all the necessary equipment for setting up courses and producing tourist and sports events. We are in the process of opening the web shop where players will be able to buy discs and all other equipment by all main manufacturers.

Lagoda j.d.o.o. is 100% dedicated on growing the sport with focus on organizing international events that are run professionally but aside from tournament rounds provide a rich program of side events.
At our events the player and his/her experience is the main thing to think about so our focus is equally divided on competition as well as on doing everything we can for players to enjoy being the part of the event.
Since 2012 Lagoda had organized over 65 international PDGA events and 6 Croatian Disc Golf Championships attended by more than 600 players of 30+ nations.
Our biggest project so far was organizing the 12th European Disc Golf Championships that was held in August 2018. in Toplice Sveti Martin with attendance od 200 players of 27 nations - most ever at an disc golf tournament. Another notable event is 1st European Team Disc Golf Championships that was held in August 2021, and a bid won to host 4th WFDF's Team World Disc Golf Championships in August 2022.
Our flagship event, Drava Forester, is a proof of our dedicated work as this 3-day event in November is growing each year with registrations by players from all over Europe and USA. In 2019 it was played by 85 players from 14 countries - that is not something you would expect to see for a no-payout event out of the season in a small disc golf country.

Lagoda Disc Golf crew consists of:
Dinko Šimenc (shime) - Company CEO & owner, Tournament director, Accommodation booking, Side events
Maja Šimenc - Company co-owner, Photography, Food, Side events