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Intro: What is Drava Forester - quick info for beginners
The Drava Forester has evolved over the years, shifting from a simple PDGA tournament into a comprehensive event centered on disc golf, where the sport almost becomes a backdrop to the vibrant daily activities that extend from sunrise to late night.
It's a gathering that brings together a dedicated community of players from more than ten nations each year, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and endless laughter. If you're someone who enjoys socializing, attending this event solo is a surefire way to leave with numerous new friends and a deep yearning to return in just twelve short months.
The Drava Forester isn't just a haven for solo adventurers; it's also an ideal destination for couples and groups of friends looking to share unforgettable experiences together.
Whether you're seeking quality time with your loved one or hoping to strengthen the bonds of friendship, this event offers something special for everyone - even for those who did not yet play disc golf or don't feel like competing in a serious event on a long course.
So, whether you're gathering your partner or rallying your crew, prepare to create enduring memories amid the thrilling disc golf action and the warm embrace of this annual gathering.

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The 11th international disc golf tournament Drava Forester will be held from Wednesday, November 1st until Sunday 5th 2023, whereby the PDGA event will be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 3-5), while the other days will be filled with multiple side events.

The main partner of the tournament is the German disc golf clothing brand unicörn.

As a side event, a recreational two-day weekend tournament Beer Forester will be held, which is already traditional and intended for regional players or persons accompanying participants of the main tournament.

The organizer of the tournament is the Lagoda Disc Golf company, and the co-organizers are Tourist agency Vall Tours and Lagoda Disc Golf Club. The tournament is held with the support of the City of Varaždin.

The director of the tournament is Dinko Šimenc (#52313, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), while Maja Šimenc, Tina Šimenc and Adrian Liber are members of the main organizing crew.

Pre-registrations for the event have been open since March 24th and until September 5th 45 players from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA secured their places.
The list of all players, both pre-registered and registered, will be daily updated on the PDGA tournament page.

Information and registrations for Drava Forester 2023!


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