Drava Forester 2021 Croatia
October 29 - 31, 2021
by Lagoda Disc Golf

Lagoda team game

Traditionally, a competition in team disc golf "Lagoda team game" is played within the Drava Forester.

Teams of 4 members participate in this competition, and special rules of play apply.

For 2021, the team game will be played on 8 holes (download the course map in PDF from this page) with the rule that each team member must perform tee shot on 2 holes. The choice of holes that the player performs the tee shot is entirely according to the wishes / tactic of the team members.

After the tee shot, the play is continued by throws of other team members, until, eventually, everyone has one throw made. After that, if the team did not complete a hole, any member of the team can take his second throw, and then, if the game continues, the other team members take their second throw, and if everyone takes two throws, and the game continues, someone can throw third throw, etc.

Scoring is done via Disc golf Metrix at: https://discgolfmetrix.com/1973273

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