Drava Forester 2020 Croatia
October 28 - November 2, 2020
by Lagoda Disc Golf

Turnir: Drava Forester 2020

Kategorije PDGA članstvo obavezno PDGA Min. Rating
MPO (Pro Open)
FPO (Pro Open Women)
Dan održavanja 28.10.2020. @ 08:00h
Prijave otvorene od 01.11.2019. (11:10:02) do 28.10.2020. (08:00:00)

Register for Drava Forester 2020!

Until August 1st 2020 registrations are open to all players (also to those who have not played Drava Forester) exclusively for a full five-day program.

Drava Forester 2020 full package costs 2.252,50kn / ~303€ and includes:
  - 5 overnights in Turist Hotel in double rooms (extra charge for the superior rooms and accommodation in single use rooms)
  - production of the event
  - souvenir for players
  - transfers from the hotel to the course and back on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  - lunches at the course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  - buffet style dinner on Wednesday (at the hotel)
  - Team building program on Wednesday
 - late evening food (sandwiches, snacks, pastry) on Thursday
  - a group dinner at the Bedem Restaurant, disc golf games, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine on Friday
  - buffet style dinner on Saturday (at the hotel)
  - Halloween makeup and basic masking equipment
  - evening entertainment program on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  - participation in all competitions (Putting contest, Park it! contest, King of the Table tournament etc.)

For additional info on Stage 1 and options available at Stages 2 and 3 check out the Registration info page.

Privacy statement
Your entered data will be send to the tournament organizers by unencrypted e-mail. The fields "First Name", "Last Name", "Division" and "Country" will be published on this web page. Your full name, division and your pdga number will be send to the PDGA, together with your results.
Your e-mail address is only used for tournament purposes (either to contact you in case of problems/questions or to send out news about this year's tournament edition) and will not be shared.

No legal liability
Please note that you are liable for your actions and throws at our tournament. We will take no legal liability for actions of our players.

Registrirani igrači

# Zemlja Kat. Ime PDGA Rating Plaćeno
1 DE MPO Stephan Mesel 62524 N/A
2 NO MPO Knut Vidar Evensen 85286 N/A
3 NO MPO Olav Bjaadal 88307 N/A
4 FI MPO Ari Penttala 8366 N/A
5 DE FPO Monika Braun 102779 N/A
6 DE MPO Ingo Brand 101668 N/A
7 FI MPO Jyrki Enqvis 82586 N/A
8 DE MPO Christoph Weiß 114954 N/A
9 DE MPO Christoph Jahn 70596 N/A
10 DE FPO Wiebke Jahn 70414 N/A
11 SI FPO Andreja Bernjak 109239 N/A
12 DE MPO Julian Zopf 57360 937
13 SI FPO Mojca Bernjak 126201 N/A
14 AT FPO Ricarda Schönmayr N/A N/A
15 CH MPO Tinu Schär 14947 N/A
16 NO MPO Ronny Svensberget 100334 848
17 HU FPO Veronika Tóth 88828 841
18 HU MPO Péter Kiss 85806 884
19 SI MPO Zack Bevelacqua 105654 939
20 DE MPO Tobias Fuchs 75472 911
21 US MPO Johnny Rumble Pecunia 2540 968
22 US MPO Joseph Kelleher 57599 890
23 US MPO Mike Hicks 109482 872
24 NO MPO Stefan Fjærgård Rønning 98162 867
25 Pozivnica
26 Pozivnica
27 Pozivnica
28 Pozivnica
29 Pozivnica
30 Pozivnica
31 Pozivnica
32 Pozivnica
33 Pozivnica
34 Pozivnica
35 Pozivnica
36 Pozivnica
37 Pozivnica
38 Pozivnica
39 Pozivnica
40 Pozivnica
41 Pozivnica
42 Pozivnica
43 Pozivnica
44 Pozivnica
45 Pozivnica
46 Pozivnica
47 Pozivnica
48 Pozivnica
49 Pozivnica